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Passionate about environmentally friendly garden design, our professional design + construction team have been enriching commercial and residential spaces for over 20 years.

At the forefront of vertical garden design, construction and maintenance, our focus is purely on transforming vertical zones into thriving living decorative installations.

Renowned for Greening up the Grey, the O2 story began following my amazing landscape construction apprenticeship working with some of Melbourne’s best landscape architects. After working on some of the cities iconic projects, I graduated and went on to complete Melbourne’s Crown Casino rooftop gardens, where my love of vertical gardens truly kicked in and the inspiration for O2 was born!

Specialising in the Perth market, we love beautifying spaces around this wonderful city we call home. Design inspiration comes from stunning local landscapes, advances in new technology and our global project experience. Whether it’s a vibrant commercial installation in the CBD or a charming Claremont restoration, transforming a Federation style courtyard; our amazing team effortlessly achieve a great balance of timeless design and sustainable style.

The vision for O2 is simple - ‘Less Waste, More Green’. Today’s extreme climates vary immensely from city to country and season to season. What this means is that we need to get smarter about design and how we maintain green spaces. During the planning process of your vertical garden, our main priority is to design a space that saves and reuses as much water as possible!

Following years of meticulous research + development, we’ve created innovative Plantwall Systems that exceed performance expectations, absolutely booming in Perth’s extreme climate! We’re incredibly proud of our pioneering solutions and can’t wait to hear all about your vision for a purposeful vertical garden that inspires, thrives and importantly, works for the planet!

Drew Signiture

O2 Plantwalls Founder + Director