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When it comes to vertical garden solutions, we’ve created two unique products designed to integrate into any setting. Australian designed and made, both systems offer specific functions purposely crafted to enhance the space while respecting the environment in which they exist.


Thriving in both indoor and outdoor spaces, our Hydro Plantwall System is equipped to showcase an impressive variety of plants. Just 50mm in depth, small trees and natives right through to lush tropical foliage arrangements will all flourish brilliantly!
While plant variety is important, the main feature that excites is the substantial savings when it comes to water usage. Intelligently designed to enhance precious environmental factors, the Hydro System reuses water over a two to three-week period. This significant water efficiency continues through to the recycling of most materials used.

Taking advantage of the latest technology to nurture your vertical garden, each Plantwall is connected to the Bureau of Meteorology. This feature controls automated water release; when air temperatures reach the specified temperature (and reticulation is not scheduled for that day), your Plantwall will activate the watering function, gently cooling your garden.

Another fantastic feature of the Hydro System are the automated acidity and nutrient regulators. When the pH (measure of acidity/alkalinity) and EC (electrical conductivity) reduces to less than satisfactory levels the tanks automatically drain and refill with fresh water. Fertigation units will then dose the Plantwall with exact percentages of liquid organic nutrients (a manual option is also available to accommodate a range of budgets).


Best suited to outdoor installations, our Modular Plantwall System is a great option for smaller plant varieties like succulents and herbs. Whether you’re wanting a nutritious and delicious outdoor pantry or a delicate living artwork, this system is a fantastic alternative for any space restricted when it comes to size.

Available in two sizes, you can choose from a system designed to hold 12 plants or a slightly larger system housing 16 plants. Both size options are symmetrical in layout, ensuring design seamlessly compliments function.
The Modular System works using advanced dripper technology. Drippers above each module flow down into the module where excess water is held in a tank compartment. The module is then re-watered in between reticulation times using capillary action to pull the water back to the top of the module. Automating this process cuts reticulation times in half, reducing water waste.

Both O2 systems are operated with state of the art wi-fi controllers, allowing us to monitor your Plantwall and make adjustments from anywhere in the world! This means no more expensive call-out fees to fix simple problems.

Proud of our products and workmanship, Plantwalls, including plants + nutrients, come with a lifetime guarantee (excluding pumps, mechanical/controller elements). We are so passionate about ensuring your investment is protected that we only construct a plantwall when a maintenance contract is in place. Maintenance programs vary depending on Plantwall size and can be tailored to meet your individual needs; the first 6 weeks maintenance is FREE!