Austral Fisheries
4/50 Oxford Cl, West Leederville WA 6007
Date of Installation: 2018

The worldwide sustainable fisheries company, Austral Fisheries, is another business that came across o2 and requested an interior plant wall to liven up their reception waiting area. Much like every o2 plantwall, Austral Fisheries 2500mm long by 2500mm high vertical garden recirculates water and is automatically topped up when the water levels are reduced due to evapotranspiration of the plants.

Austral’s green wall often receives compliments from visitors to the reception, often making the assumption that the plants are fake because they look so green and vibrant.

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570 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000
Date of Installation: 2017

A curved 4000mm long by 2000mm high office plant wall was the first project that BGIS ever commissioned the o2 team to complete. It was a great project as we had the opportunity to collaborate with skilled architects and project managers to execute this project on time and on budget.

The green wall was recessed into a curved wall with all of the plantwall systems hidden in a compartment specially built behind the wall, ensuring that the flourishing plants were the standout feature of the piece. This plantwall is serviced by o2 on a fortnightly basis.

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Shift Architecture / FCDS
26 Charles St, South Perth WA 6151
Date of Installation: 2022

Shift Architecture contacted us on behalf of their client FCDS, a green star mechanical engineering firm in Perth as they wanted a sustainable indoor plant wall that would compliment their newly completed office and green star rated fit-out.

The 2400mm tall by 1000mm wide vertical garden was built on either side of a column and joinery was designed to house the plant wall components because, like all of our pieces, water is recirculated and not run to waste.

The plant wall has been maintained by the o2 team ever since and continues to flourish today.

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Binance Office
Date of Installation: 2020

Binance approached us with a brief to create a lush green office plant wall for their Zoom conference room so that people on the other side of the call would have a visually pleasing background to look at whilst holding a meeting.

The stunning vertical plant wall ended up being 2000mm tall by 1500mm wide and requires maintenance on a quarterly basis.

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Lease Equity
Queens Building Perth
Date of Installation: 2016

This 15000mm long by 5000mm tall indoor plant wall is the perfect example of o2’s ability to custom design and construct a vertical garden that effortlessly fits into your space. Lease Equity reached out to our team to request a water feature with a pond that aligned with the bluestone and reclaimed brick style of the historic Queens Building in Perth’s CBD.

Plants that are maintained monthly were added to partially conceal some of the brick wall and a water feature was designed to cover the wall height and width. Sub-irrigated planters were also scattered across the wall face with cascading plants to soften the appearance of the wall and create a peaceful ambience. The space is now often full of people enjoying their lunch whilst sitting in the calming space.

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Western Power
363 Wellington St, Perth WA 6000
Date of Installation: 2017

Western Power had an existing green wall in their head office atrium that was built by another company. They then approached the o2 team in 2017 to repair this green wall and we discovered that their office plant wall system was not efficient as it wasted a significant amount of water.

We redesigned this space using our hydro system and added a waterfall, as well as a pond clad in stone, and large three ferns, which are now over 3 metres tall. Over 6 years later, Western Power’s new and improved plant wall many different plant varieties including Fiddle Fig trees and Elkhorns have flourished.

This particular 12000mm by 5000mm plant wall that is maintained weekly is quite special to us as O2 won an award for the Innovative Green Infrastructure category at the Landscape Industry WA Awards in 2022.

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Hellers-Canon Foods
12 Marriott Rd, Jandakot WA 6164
Date of Installation: 2018

A blend of tropicals and ferns was used in Hellers’ plant wall when they requested a ‘natural-tropical oasis’ for their head office. Many staff members spend a significant amount of time in this area so it was important to elevate the space, increase feelings of comfort and serenity, bring some nature indoors, and improve the air quality.

Hellers’ employees are consistently asked whether their 11000m by 2400mm office plant wall is real because it always looks so healthy and luscious. Their thriving plant wall might have something to do with the fact that the maintenance contract they have in place with us includes servicing every two weeks.

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HBF Head Office reception
Date of Installation: 2023

Our team was approached by BGIS back in 2018 to create a plant wall for the reception of HBF’s head office located on Wellington Street in Perth’s CBD. The 4000mm long by 1300mm high vibrant office plant wall is still the standout feature of the reception area with its symmetrical blend of indoor tropical plants. HBF’s vertical garden is serviced and maintained by the o2 team every fortnight, ensuring the green wall thrives indefinitely.

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Dexus Place
Date of Installation: 2023

CDI asked us to design a ceiling plantscape for the Dexus meeting area. We designed and fabricated hanging sub-irrigated planters with solid brass bases to complement the interior design of the office.

There are now cascading plants above the waiting area lounges designed to bring life and colour to the space. One of the best parts of this installation is that this office plant wall only requires maintenance on a monthly basis.

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