East Fremantle
Date of Installation: 2022

As part of a full house and garden renovation, O2 Plantwalls achieved a transformative result with this East Fremantle project in 2022, undertaking a comprehensive residential vertical garden installation. From design to completion, we took charge of the process, creating a blend of aesthetics and functionality. The pool and decking received a stunning makeover, featuring individual Bali stone tiles and composite decking, while the feature standout was the expansive plant wall stretching the length of the infinity-edge swimming pool.

We implemented a custom 1200 mm long by 1700 mm high bracing system for the plant wall to ensure stability and longevity – an innovative solution given its proximity to the pool. The outcome was both visually striking and environmentally conscious, with our sustainable and water-wise approach ensuring the catchment and reuse of water, like all of our vertical gardens.

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Date of Installation: 2015

Our team brought a sense of vitality to this Claremont property with a residential vertical garden installation in 2015. Tasked with revitalising a polished plaster wall alongside the pool, we met our client’s vision through a subtle yet impactful solution. Three individual plant walls measuring 1200 mm wide by 2000 mm in height were attached to the top of the wall using an O2-fabricated lightweight aluminum frame.

This innovative approach not only breathed life into the space but also maintained the integrity of the feature wall. The simple and contemporary plant wall complemented the architecturally designed home, showcasing O2’s ability to enhance aesthetics with residential vertical gardens in a thoughtful manner.

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East Perth
Date of Installation: 2012

In the challenging times of the 2020 pandemic, O2 Plant Walls transformed this East Perth home with a comprehensive residential vertical garden project. Our team not only designed and constructed but also managed the entire project, inside and out. The finished project featured spotted gum-clad walls and expansive Jarrah decking that gave new life to the once hard-rendered surfaces.

The standout elements included residential vertical gardens on both levels, blending Asian styling into the outdoor space. These thoughtfully designed plant walls incorporated herb and vegetable planters, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. Notably, the Japanese-themed master bedroom garden balcony added a touch of tranquillity to the property’s overall ambiance.

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Date of Installation: 2012

The Wilson residence boasts a timeless and lush residential vertical garden installed by our team in 2012. Tasked with softening and concealing the Colourbond fence behind the new pool, our innovative approach created a stunning 7000 mm x 2000 mm landmark.

Notably, this project holds historical significance as one of our early ventures. A testament to its enduring beauty and simplicity, the owners have successfully maintained this low-maintenance grass plant wall over the years. The Wilson residence exemplifies our commitment to crafting sustainable and visually appealing residential vertical gardens.

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North Perth
Date of Installation: 2021

This captivating residential vertical garden creates a sense of vibrancy and allure within its North Perth residence. Our clients sought to replace an existing plant wall, aiming for a bold and striking statement to enhance the property’s appeal to potential buyers.

Our team happily took on the challenge, crafting a 3000 mm long and 1200 mm high feature plant wall that surpassed our client’s expectations. The result was so impressive that the house sold during its first open home, displaying the immediate visual impact and desirability our residential vertical gardens can bring to a property.

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North Fremantle
Date of Installation: 2013

Our team turned this North Fremantle Loop residence into a 3000 mm long wide and 4000 mm high thriving oasis with a residential vertical garden. Commissioned by our architect clients to infuse life into the centre courtyard of their three-storey apartment, this challenging project highlighted our expertise. Despite difficult access, the final result was truly worth it.

A decade later, with our consistent monthly maintenance, the vertical garden is a testament to enduring beauty. Notably, some Monstera leaves have grown to almost one metre in diameter, adding to this living wall’s lush and vibrant atmosphere. This project exemplifies how our commitment to quality and care ensures the longevity and vitality of residential vertical gardens.

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Date of Installation: 2013

Our team transformed this Scarborough Beach residence into a stunning showcase of a residential vertical garden. The project, installed in 2013, aimed to create a vibrant piece of natural art that required minimal water and maintenance. To fulfil this vision, we crafted a 2500 mm wide and 2500 mm high double plant wall that effortlessly married with the Mediterranean-style garden surroundings.

The installation resembles a coral-like garden wall, providing an interplay of colours and textures that captivates both the homeowners and their guests. A decade later, thanks to O2’s monthly maintenance, the clients still marvel at the ever-changing beauty of their plant wall, which embraces the essence of a low-maintenance, water-efficient residential vertical garden.

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