About Us

O2 Plantwalls is proud to be redefining vertical garden design, construction, and maintenance. Our mission is to revolutionise ordinary vertical spaces into thriving green landscapes, blending the beauty of Western Australian nature with innovative design. At O2 Plantwalls, we specialise in creating impactful vertical gardens that are not only visually appealing but also contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Following years of meticulous research and development, we’ve created innovative plant wall systems that exceed performance expectations – particularly beneficial in Western Australia’s extreme climate. Our unique approach sets us apart, focussing on environmentally responsible solutions that transform the ambiance of your home or high-end corporate business.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the aesthetic appeal of our vertical gardens. O2 Plantwalls prioritises using locally sourced and eco-friendly materials in our green wall construction processes, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. Additionally, we actively incorporate smart irrigation systems and energy-efficient technologies, promoting water conservation and reduced energy consumption.

At O2 Plantwalls, every leafy masterpiece we create enhances the visual allure of spaces and contributes to a healthier and happier environment – whether it be your home of business.

Our Innovative System

Standing at the forefront of vertical garden design, we have developed an innovative system that is only 50mm off the wall, utilising minimal soil while accommodating small trees, large shrubs, and various plant varieties. Unlike traditional garden systems, with modules sitting 200-300mm off the wall and inefficient reticulation systems, our design allows for greater flexibility and more efficient use of resources for green walls.

Notably, our popular Modular System holds 12 plants, which are in a symmetrical layout to ensure an aesthetic, seamless design.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia, our designs are inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of WA, coupled with advancements in technology and our global experiences. Our dedicated team effortlessly balances timeless design and sustainable style, infusing every project with a touch of sophistication, bringing the vision of “Green Up the Grey” to life.

Why Choose Us?


Our Smart wall system reuses and recycles water, utilising fully organic nutrients for environmental safety. Excess water is held in a tank compartment, and the module is re-watered between reticulation times using capillary action, cutting water use and waste in half through automation.


Beyond aesthetics, our plant walls actively improve air quality, reducing CO2, producing O2, and eliminating volatile organic compunds for a healthier living and working environment.


Introducing nature into your indoor space has proven benefits. Our plant walls enhance the human feeling of calmness, creating a sense of belonging and comfort, ultimately boosting productivity and reducing stress.


Our smart systems automatically monitor water acidity, ensuring a self-cleaning mechanism that is easy to maintain and refreshes the tank as needed.


In constructing our wall gardens, O2 Plantwalls collaborates with architects, fit-out companies, project managers, interior designers, builders, and clients. Each project is individually designed and custom-made to precisely match our client's brief, demonstrating our commitment as bespoke artisan developers.


All our Plantwalls, including plants and nutrients come with a lifetime guarantee (excludes pumps, mechanical/controller elements) when you have a maintenance contract in place with us.